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Common Questions

What are Instant Prints?

Instant Prints sends labels directly to your label printer, rather than generating a PDF first and then requiring you to print that PDF. There are several benefits with Instant Prints:

  • Faster printing times. PDFs take longer to generate.
  • Better printer compatability. If you've had problems with labels printing the wrong way, this will resolve your problems.
  • Easier to use. After a one-time set-up, label prints will just work. No more messing around with printer settings.

What is a Product/Shipping Label?

Product Labels refer to Amazon's FNSKU labels that are affixed to individual products.

Shipping Labels refer to any labels that are affixed to the outside of a box or pallet. For example, a UPS/Fedex/Other Carrier label, a box label from Amazon, or pallet labels.

What is included in the Enterprise Plan?

  • Premium Support - Support responses within one hour during business hours (7AM-5PM EST), or within eight hours otherwise.
  • Prioritized Print - A dedicated server for processing enterprise prints will make sure your labels get processed first.
  • 1-on-1 Set-Up Call & Installation - A developer from AZLabels will connect with your team to get AZLabels up and running.
  • Custom Data Retention - You decide how long we store your label data, including deleting it as soon as the print job has been completed.

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