Best Label Printers for Amazon Sellers - Reviewed for 2019

Amazon sellers are a breed all their own. Anyone who decides to start a business on this behemoth of a site is intelligent, driven, thorough, persistent, savvy, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Getting used to Amazon's ins and outs is pretty much a full-time job, so we'd like assist eCommerce sellers in making this process a little easier.

We want to discuss the best label printers for those who have chosen to sell on Amazon; the types of printers that have the best value, and the printers that are most dependable in 2019.

Thermal Printers for Amazon Sellers

Thermal printers do a better job for printing labels for these reasons:

Zebra LP2844

If you travel into any Amazon chat rooms or forums, the Zebra LP2844 is the topic of many conversations. Here's a look at its benefits and its drawbacks:



The thermal printer does not work well with Macs.

Dymo LabelWriter 450

This Dymo is an excellent printer for sellers who are just starting their businesses.



Dymo LabelWriter 4XL

This Dymo product has a much broader print head.




The Rollo Label Printer is the new kid on the block. It manufactures printers that are commercial-grade, direct thermal, high-speed, and compatible with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, UPS, USPS, and more.



The printer does not come with the necessary Label Roll Holder.

Brother QL - 1100

Brother has a few label printers that are the right price and size for small to medium Amazon businesses.


Brother QL-500

If affordability is a top priority, the Brother QL-500 is the printer for you. This printer is low in price and high in dependability.


Brother QL-820NWB

The QL-820NWB also has a moderate price but offers many more features. It is a direct thermal, ultra-fast printer. 



Honeywell PB50 Direct Thermal Printer

The Honeywell's price is on the high side, but it may be worth it.



Finding the right printer for your eCommerce site will take a bit of research and time, but the investment of patience and cost will more than pay off in the end. Once you choose your thermal printer, you're on your way to a simplified, fast, worry-free label-making procedure. 

When your printer arrives, in many cases, the devices are up and printing in less than two minutes. The eCommerce sellers who use a quality printer and purchase affordable labels say the difference in their shipping costs and processes is just what they have been needing. Along with all this, you will receive support and explanations from the company that makes the printer you choose.


Because sellers needed an easy way to print Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Units (FNSKU) box and shipping labels, our company decided to get involved. Before our AZLabels came along, sellers who wanted to publish shipping, stock, barcodes, and other Amazon seller labels, would have to manually convert each tag to the format accepted by the thermal printer. The amount of time consumed in doing so was not satisfactory to Amazon sellers, particularly those who were mailing a significant volume of products.

AZLabels offers these primary, yet valuable, assets:

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