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Print Labels Instantly

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Watch How It Works

No snapshotting PDFs. No ancient software. One click to print straight to your Dymo or Zebra thermal printer.

Trusted by thousands of Amazon Sellers to print tens of thousands of labels every single day.

Customizable Sizes

Support for all the popular label sizes. Missing yours? Just ask!


Choose whichever measurement type works best for you.

Easy to Install

Install in just two clicks and you're done!

Fast Support

Have a question or need some help? We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

FNSKU and Shipping

Print both FNSKU and Shipping labels, including Amazon-partnered shipments with UPS or Fedex and plain box or pallet labels.

Mac and PC

Works on Firefox and Chrome on both Mac and PC systems.

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Step 1: Download the Extension

Download the Chrome or Firefox extension, and you will see a new icon added to your toolbar.

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Step 2: Register your Account

The extension will automatically open the registration page when you install AZLabels for the first time.

Create your account on AZLabels to activate the extension.

Once your account is created, you will also be able to manage your label sizes, subscriptions, track your usage, and update your billing information.

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Step 3: Print Labels

Use Seller Central like you normally do, but from now on, you will see a "Print Thermal Labels" button in your shipping workflows. One click and your labels will be printed in the size you chose.




per month

Print up to 100 FNSKU and 10 shipping labels(?) per month.



per month

Print up to 1,000 FNSKU and 100 shipping labels(?) per month.



per month

Print as many labels as you need!

All Prices are in USD

What Our Customers Say About Us

TLDR: This works. Well. Huge time saver and more cost efficient than printing on a 30 label sheet.

I started selling on Amazon two months ago. I already had a lot of the 33025 labels for my Dymo 450 Turbo thermal printer, so instead of buying 30 label sheets for my laser printer, I was doing scan and label to individually print my FNSKU labels. That process was so slow and clunky that I was starting to lose motivation to send my items to FBA (time=money). To get faster, I looked at buying 30 label sheets, but the complaints are that you end up wasting a lot of labels if you don't print a full 30. AZlabels is much easier, and I can use my existing thermal printer. I will reach the limit soon and when I do I will become a monthly subscriber. Thanks for building a great product.

Chris Kosho, Google Chrome Web Store

Love this program! I'm a prep and ship company for sellers and what a time savings!

Jill Johnson, Big Sky Prep and Ship

Fantastic tool to print product labels and shipping box labels(UPS) for Amazon Seller Central. Saves so much time from using sheet labels (30/page). So much more efficient, a better workflow. Works well, and now works in Chrome or Firefox, you pick your favorite. Great job!!

Bob Willey,

AZ Labels is one of the most helpful tools out there. I wish it was around a few years ago.

Diana Poisson, SecondHalfDreams

Super happy with your service...has saved us hundreds of man hours already.

Bryan Krause,

Great extension for anyone using FBA at Amazon. It's the only option I've found that allows direct printing of shipping labels to FBA warehouses. Terrific pricing as well!